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Easy web capture

“Easy web capture” captures website screenshots (or entire website) manual or at regular intervals: daily, weekly, monthly, hourly or any other frequency.

It capture whole page in one image and also split in A4 images on your pc. It can also download all site locally getting HTML, images and other files from the server to your computer.

Why is it unique? Unlike all other tools, it capture all protected site like social network or intranet web sites automatically with regular intervals.

Easy web capture is used for brand management, seo monitoring, competition or trends monitoring and in other many cases.

1. Type of web page

Choose whether to acquire public or private Urls (such as social media).
For private Urls you need to login with the browser that appears on this screen.

2. Add web pages

Enter all the URL addresses of the pages you want to monitor or capture.

3. Rescue

Decide where to save the acquisition.
Want to sync with cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive?
Choose the disk path of the services.

4. Fact

Choose whether to do instant capture or scheduled.

Characteristics of first class


Acquisition of sites with protected areas (social, etc.)


Full-height screenshot


Flexibile scheduling.


Automatic Archiving


IP geolocation

File Hosting

Dropbox / GoogleDrive

Set Screenshot Custom Height

Only acquisition of a part of screen. No problem!

Set Custom User Agent

You can set a custom user agent for show web site like you want.

Automatic split image in A4

You will already have all the screenshoots in a4 format so you can easily insert them in pdf or word files.

Click Element Before Capturing

Any automation is possible with simple script in javascript.

Hide Element Before Capturing

Any automation is possible with simple script in javascript.

Any automation

Any automation is possible with simple script in javascript like expand comments in facebook automatically and more other…

Use cases for screenshots of automated websites

Use Easy Web Capture to manage your brand, track competitors, track SEO rankings, check ads, track website compliance, track trends, and more.

Brand management

Organizations are increasingly aware of their online heritage.
Daily screenshots help create a perfect pixel archive of websites and social media channels.

SEO monitoring

See how your web pages really fit into search engines.
Get the full picture of organic results, paid results, local maps and product images.

Monitoring of competition

Competitors are also optimizing their websites and social media channels.
And they publish all kinds of promotions.
Keep yourself well informed with daily screenshots.

Monitoring of trends

Rankings, website speed, Alexa rankings, follower count, lists of the best, etc. etc. Keep track of everything in an easy way, take screenshots and collect valuable data and insights.

Compliance of the website

Websites and social media channels are considered official publications.
Daily screenshots help to meet regulatory demands.

Verification of contents

When you publish sponsored content on your website, you must demonstrate the correct publication.
Daily screenshots help convince advertisers.

If you wish to have a solution on our servers and accessible via web browser with more scheduling options, request our Cloud service. This solution works only on online sites and not on password protected ones such as social networks. 

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Minimum hardware requirements:

  • Dual core INTEL processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Operating system: Windows 10


Recommended hardware requirements:

  • INTEL i3 6th generation or higher processor
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Dedicated video card with DirectShow® support
  • Operating system: Windows 10


License Types

  • The software is licensed for annual use valid for 1 single workstation


For the correct functioning of the software it is also necessary:

  • The latest update to the .NET Framework of Microsoft
  • Minimum horizontal video resolution of 1366 pixels


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